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*gluten free items


Yuquita Frita*

Fried yucca (cassava) with sarsa and spicy cheese sauce  ---   6

Papa a la Huancaina 

Potatoes drizzled with spicy cheese sauce and topped with hard-boiled egg, served chilled  ---   5

Papa Rellena* 

Two  potatoes filled with beef and served with sarsa and aji   ---   7

Yuquita Cheese Balls   

Deep-fried yucca balls with cheese filling    ---   4


Deep fried chicken bites and fried potatoes  ---   7


Slices of  grilled meat  marinated  in chile sauce, served with grilled potatoes   ---   8



Fusion Entrees

Pollo a la Brasa* 

Peruvian style rotisserie chicken served  with fries, salad, and dipping aji sauce     ---   Quarter   7    Half   12    Whole    18                 


A delicious Peruvian-style fried rice, and your choice of beef, or chicken, or veggies  ---   Veggie   8   Beef   10   Chicken   9    Shrimp   14

Bistek a lo Pobre*

Ribeye steak with seasoned rice, topped with  fried egg, and served with fried plantains and fries   ---   17

Lomo Saltado 

Stir-fry vegetables flambe with  beef tenderloin, served with rice and fries     ---      13

Saltado  de Pollo

Stir-fry vegetables flambe with  chicken,  served with rice and fries     ---     11

Saltado  de Mariscos

Stir-fry vegetables flambe with  seafood,  served with rice and fries    ---     16

Tallarin Saltado 

Stir-fry vegetables with  noodles with choice of beef tenderloin, chicken, or seafood   ---   Beef   13   Chicken   11    Seafood    16

Tallarines Verdes 

Noodles smothered with spinach and basil sauce with your choice of beef ribeye, or chicken    ---   Noodles only  10    Beef    14     Chicken   11

Ceviche de Mar* 

Mahi Mahi fish cured in lime juice, and served with camote (sweet potato) , sarsa,  corn, canchita and aji.  Your choice of   Fish,  Seafood, or  "Mixto," ( fish & seafood)       ---     Fish    15     Seafood   18     Mixto   18


Variety of fried seafood and fish, served with yuca, fried potatoes, sarsa, and aji dipping sauces: we suggest you share it      ---    25

Pescado Sudado* 

Steamed fish in spicy authentic Peruvian chilly sauce with onions and  a side of rice      ---    16

Chupe de Camarones* 

A hearty shrimp soup with vegetables, potato, corn,  and egg, some milk/cream      ---     12



Crema Volteada*      ---   5

Peruvian style flan, served with sugar-based caramel sauce

Picarones     ---   5

Peruvian style sweet potato donuts, served with  sweet fig-based syrup

Helado de Lucuma    ---   5

Lucuma fruit based ice cream, imported



Chicha Morada

Made out of purple corn, pineapple, cinnamon, and clove   ---   glass   3     pitchers:   small   6     large   8

Inca Kola

Original and diet (no 2 Ltr)   ---   can   2      2-Liter    4

Fruit Juices

Mango, and Passion Fruit (Maracuyá)    ---   glass     3     pitchers:  small     6    large   8

Soft Drinks (Free Refills)     ---   2

Coke products


Rice*   ---   2

Seasoned rice

Fries*   ---   3

 Salad*    ---    3


Red onion ,aji, lime, and cilantro   ---   2

Canchita Frita   

Toasted Andean corn (large), salty  ---   2

Fried Plantains     ---  5


Kids Entrees

Chicharrones de Pollo   ---   5

Real chicken morsels deep-fried and served with fries 

Papa Rellena   ---    6

Two deep-fried potatoes filled with  chicken, and savory spices

Pollo a la Brasa     ---   5

1/4 portion of chicken served with fries

Tallarines  Verdes    ---    6

Noodles smothered with spinach and basil  based sauce     

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